Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Choosing a correct web host among the pool of several web hosting plans seems like solving a calculus question. It is difficult, especially for beginners, where you know nothing about web hosts, but not impossible.

Here, we talk about the most discussed topic of all time as both of them are used mainly by those who have just started there online business. Shared Vs. Managed WordPress hosting has been a hot topic in the web hosting world.

As both of the web host plans are used by users who are just starting up and have no need for a separate server to control the traffic of your website. 

Here, we will go through every small aspect of both, Shared as well as Managed WordPress hosting so that you will have your doubts cleared. 

What is web hosting?

A web hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies where you are provided either a whole server or a certain space on the server to store your websites.

You will be able to store all the contents of your website that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere by accessing your URL. 

When any internet users want to go to your website, all they need to do is write your website’s URL on the web browser. Their computer will then sends a request to your server which sends back the webpages so that they can view them. 

In order to host your website, most of the web hosting companies require a domain name. A domain name is the name of your website or your brand name through which the users can access your website.

If you do not already have a domain name, you can get one as the web hosting companies will help you to purchase one. 

Examples: SiteGround Hosting, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, etc. 

Different types of web hosting

There are numerous web hosting plans that you can subscribe to taking into consideration the advantage you get from each of them. Choosing a web host is a vital part of the journey of establishing your online presence.

Therefore, you need to choose a web host that fits your criteria and meets all your requirements perfectly. 

Here, is the list of different types of web hosting services you can get from multiple web hosting companies. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the type of web hosting where the resources, that is, disk space, processor, etc of a single physical server is shared by multiple users.

Therefore, you can use this web host service if you are new in online business and have lesser traffic on your website. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting, as the name suggests, is the type of hosting which focuses on providing managed web hosting service to a WordPress website.

All of the management and maintenance part is done by the web host itself so hence, you do not need to worry about anything except for working on growing your online business. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is relatively new in the business where you are offered all the hosting services by a web host through the cloud. The hosting services are provided to you as a SAAS platform and hence, a physical server is never a problem in a cloud hosting plan. 

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is the type of web hosting where you are given access to a whole server but the server is a virtual server.

You can subscribe to this web hosting plan if other web hosting plans are not offering enough to help you with the web traffic, but a dedicated server seems like a stretch.  

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the type of web hosting plan where your business is offered a whole physical server that is dedicated to working for your business only. Working with a dedicated server does sound interesting but it comes with the responsibility of managing your server by yourself. Therefore, you should choose a dedicated hosting plan only if the traffic on your website is huge and you need more control over your web host. 

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is the type of hosting where you buy a server from a primary web hosting service provider and resell it to the third party in small bulk as per their requirements. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the simplest web hosting plans you will find in the market that allows multiple websites to use a single server. Being one of the users yourself, you will have no idea what websites are sharing the resources of a server with you. Each user sharing the resources will have a limit on the total amount of each resource which will be determined by the hosting package you choose. 

As I have already mentioned, shared hosting is the simplest as well as the cheapest option to satisfy your web hosting needs. With the cheapest price comes the limitations such as limited bandwidth, disk space, and many more resources.


  • Cheapest hosting – range from $2.99 – $9.99
  • Multiple levels of hosting available
  • Built-in cPanel
  • No technical maintenance needed


  • Slower load time
  • The server can be overburdened
  • Not suitable for a website with high traffics
  • Lack of customization

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the type of web hosting that is optimized specially to function with WordPress websites. Websites established using the WordPress platform have quite unique features or characteristics than any other websites. These functionalities may cause a number of issues if it is not properly optimized, that is, increasing load time, certain elements may not load properly, unreachable website, and many more. To prevent these issues, you need a great web hosting service that helps you with not just creating but maintenance and handling of your website as well.


  • Greater security
  • High speed
  • Great performance
  • 24/7 support and help


  • Expensive
  • Not flexible

Shared Vs. WordPress hosting – which is better?

To answer the question of “Which is better?” you need to look at your needs and desires. On the basis of your requirements, you can know if a web hosting plan is better for your website. 

When to use Shared Hosting?

  • You can use different CMS other than WordPress. The CMS includes Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, etc
  • If you have a limited or modest budget
  • If you want to start small and grow over time 

When to use WordPress Hosting?

  • If you are using WordPress as your CMS
  • Manage a medium-sized website or online store
  • Perfect for eCommerce, community websites, and intranet
  • Manage the overall website content

Differences between Shared and WordPress hosting

Different web hosts offer different differences between these two web hosting plans. However, here, in this article, I present to you the difference between these two web hosting plans from the Namecheap WordPress web hosting. Here, the differences cover the differences between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting if both of these services are provided to you from the Namecheap web hosting service provider. 


Shared Hosting WordPress Hosting
With Shared Hosting you can install other CMS and host custom websites  Solely designed to run WordPress websites
The resources are allocated among all users of a server Any server failures will not affect your website
There is an option to create addons and subdomains within one package Setup time takes less than 30 seconds
You can choose a different PHP version, set cron jobs, manage email accounts, and more using cPanel menus. All server-side configurations are managed
Full control over website files through SFTP, SSH, and database access Full control over your website through SFTP and database access 
You can install different versions of WordPress, subdomains, and multi-site WordPress installations Support for domains via  FreeDNS, BasicDNS, or PremiumDNS and third-party ones via FreeDNS or PremiumDNS
A modern network infrastructure and server hardware with fast SSD storage 3 levels of advanced caching to ensure fast load time


Final thoughts

No one website is perfect and the other faulty in this case. It actually depends on your requirements and how much are you willing to pay to guarantee your website needs are fulfilled. 

You can implement a shared web hosting plan on a WordPress website with no problem, but you will have to be responsible for all of the management.

The management includes the management of the environment, implementations of the features, and many more. The management and maintenance of the website have to be taken care of more as compared to an optimized WordPress web hosting package. 

Many website owners start their online business using shared hosting, giving you the ability to get your website live and available. Being the most affordable hosting, shared hosting is considered the best option for small businesses.

On the other hand, WordPress hosting has definite advantages over shared hosting. From superfast speeds to enhanced security features, WordPress hosting is the best option if you are hosting a WordPress website.

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