Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting

Deciding which operating system to use for your website is another aspect of creating an online presence that you should put a lot of thought into.

There are two major contenders of the operating system for web hosting and they are Linux and Windows. Linux operating system has been the #1 choice for business web hosting and many newcomers traditionally. But because of the brand name and familiarity with Microsoft products, Windows has taken over slowly and gradually. 

When choosing between Linux hosting and Windows hosting, the choice you make comes down to the technologies each web hosting uses that might or might not help grow your website.

Unix servers make up for more than 66% of all the web servers with Linux servers accounting for more than 55.6%, while Windows making up around 35% of all the web servers.

This article gives you detailed information about both of the web hosting services and which one you should choose.

Linux Hosting

Linux is an open-source system that is free to use and allows web hosting service providers to utilize the benefits of Linux. You do not need to worry about the licensing costs with Linux as it is absolutely free.

As Linux web hosting is free to use, because of this the web hosting providers offer this web host at a much lower cost as compared to the Windows equivalents. Hence, if you are on a strict budget constraint, then Linux web hosting might be the one for you.

As much as Linux web hosting is perfect for you on a financial level, it has less availability or accessibility on a technical level. You must have great technical knowledge for using the Linux operating system on your website as all the essential functions are done via the command line.

To eliminate this problem, you can hire a Linux administrator to work with your software, however, this does add the extra cost that was negated during the subscription. If you are able to master the Linux then you could work with an extremely powerful and flexible operating system. 

The flexibility that you can get with Linux is that it supports any type of website from eCommerce to personal website. You can work with several applications such as WordPress, Perl, Python, snd many more, but if you are looking forward to running PHP and MySQL as a combination then Linux might disappoint you. 

Windows Hosting

When comparing Windows and Linux hosting, the major advantage is the cost of Linux services offered. Hence, the Windows web hosting packages are generally more expensive than the Linux web hosting packages.

Many consider paying for the Windows operating system because of the familiarity of the brand and the price comes with a great support system to help your system running.

Almost 95% of the world’s website runs with the Windows operating system, it is all because Windows is commonly adopted by businesses.

The windows-based server has an advantage over the Linux web host because of its accessibility with the help of the powerful and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) on its Remote Desktop.

Working on Linux, you need to work via command prompt which Windows has an intuitive user interface, so it is clear that Windows has the edge over Linux when it comes to the ease of use.

However, for someone who has the knowledge of coding and using the command line then Linux offers more flexibility and responsiveness with smooth operation. 

Best Linux Hosts

You need to search for the Linux host that makes it easier for you to use the tools so that your website can operate smoothly. You need to look for tools such as PHP, MySQL, your preferred mail server, and many more.

You should make sure you will be able to use advanced features and cron jobs. Below are the three best web hosts offering Linux hosting services: 


The key features of iPage web hosts are as follows:


  • Cheap, Inexpensive Hosting
  • Enhanced Security Options
  • Third-Party Application Support
  • Upfront, Honest (Cheap) Pricing
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Decent Loading Time
  • Strong Uptime of 99.96%
  • Good Customer Support


  • Expensive Renewal Costs
  • Expensive Domain Names
  • No cPanel


The key features of the SiteGround are as follows:


  • Good uptime (99.99%)
  • Stable page load time (673ms)
  • Good customer support
  • Free site migration
  • Free CDN and SSL on all plans


  • Higher renewal rates
  • Limited storage for the cheapest plan


The key features of the Bluehost web hosting service provider are as follows:


  • Best uptime (99.99%)
  • Fast, 405 ms load time as average
  • Good & quick customer support
  • Recommended by
  • 1-Click installs for website builders
  • Cheap introductory cost


  • Website transfers are not free

Best Windows Hosts

Sometimes paying a bit more than what you can get the same services is because of the familiarity and advanced features. Windows host, even though is slightly more expensive, you will get a number of database options, MySQL server, and remote desktop accessibility. To work with all these advanced functionalities, you need to work with Windows hosts. Here, we have listed the top 3 best windows hosts that you can choose from:



  • Stable Uptime (99.98%)
  • Good Support
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Migration
  • Uptime Guarantee


  • Poor Load Time (1,191ms)
  • Extra Fee for ‘True’ Backups
  • Standard Pricing ‘Tricks’



  • Good Uptime – 99.97%
  • Great Page Speed – 554ms
  • Free Additional Services
  • Good Live Chat Support


  • Limited Lowest Plan
  • Upsells & High Renewal Fees
  • Confusing Money-Back Guarantee



  • Free Email Accounts
  • Free Site Migration
  • Uptime 99.92%
  • Speed 489ms
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Price Lock Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate and Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Free Website Builder
  • Easy to Use Control Panel


  • Free Domain Not Included
  • Lack of Data Center Locations

Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting 

Here, we are going to discuss in detail the web hosting using both Linux and Windows operating system so that you can be more clear on what and to choose for your requirements. We present to you the similarities and differences between both of these operating systems to help you understand more about what do you want. 

The similarities

It might not seem like that but both Windows and Linux hosting are similar in a number of ways. Both of these web hostings can work with PHP and MySQL, although, Linux does not work smoothly with the conjunction.

Managing both user accounts from both of the operating systems is simple and straightforward. You can access your user accounts through a web browser such as Chrome, or Safari.

You can use any of the web hosting on any operating system so there is extreme flexibility in regard to both OS. 

Both of the operating systems are the most popular choices for web hosting and hence, each OS is extremely trustworthy. Both Windows and Linux implement independent security measures offering awesome protection and reliability.

Microsoft, being the most popular, has implemented Credential Guard and virtual machines. On the other hand, Linux runs using very few resources to operate quickly and safely.


The differences

Parameters Linux Hosting Windows Hosting
Operating System Linux operating system is open-source Windows operating system is proprietary
Control Panel Linux uses cPanel Windows uses Plesk Panel
Development Tools Linux servers offer Perl, CGI, and PHP as development tools Windows servers offer PHP, ASP, and .NET as development tools
Databases MySQL databases run on Linux server Both MySQL and MsSQL run on Windows server
Reliability Linux servers are robust, stable, and have high uptime Windows servers are less reliable and robust
FTP Access Linux OS offers FTP access as well as Telnet and SSH access Windows OS offers FTP access only
Customer Care Linux servers provide online peer support from a huge community that operates online Windows servers offer paid help desk support to everyone that is using their system
Alterations In Linux servers, you are allowed to make alterations on the code Windows servers do not allow its users to add alterations on the code
Price Linux operating system is inexpensive as it is open-source Windows operating system is a bit more expensive


Which should you choose? – Final Verdict

Now as we have gone through the differences and similarities between both Linux and Windows Hosting, it is not rocket science to understand that both of them have advantages as well as disadvantages. The choice you make between Linux and Windows hosting depends on the requirements you have. As the online world is moving greatly towards the cloud and the developers are also focusing more on infrastructure and applications they build. With respect to this, Microsoft has increased its focus on cloud offering, that is, Microsoft Azure, making it more favorable for the future.

Linux servers and Linux hosting package are perfect for individuals who:

  • Want access to a large stock of free and open-source applications
  • Want ready to use applications

Windows servers and Windows hosting package are perfect for individuals who:

  • Want to build a more complex website
  • Work with languages like Perl, PHP, ASP, and many more

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