.ART domain for Art Enthusiast

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There are several artists out there trying to make it big in less to no time at all. And on the other hand, there are other halves who are working on multiple projects just to make sure they get recognized for what they put forward.

It is high time to realize that social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc, although gives a lot of coverage is not enough to fully spread out your wings. You need a website for your creativity and art pieces to showcase and expand your reach significantly. 

To create a website up and running, the key element is finding a proper domain name that accentuates your website. To create an amazing art portfolio and post your art pieces, you can choose any domain that looks favorable to you.

However, if you want to take your art portfolio to next level, then you must think about ditching the traditional .COM, .NET domain name extension and go for something more suitable and credible such as .ART domain name extension. 

.ART domain – is it enough?

When you decide to work on your online portfolio, you need a domain name extension, as I have already mentioned. .ART domain extension is just like any other domain extensions like .COM or .NET.

As domain extensions such as .COM or .NET can be used for any website for any purpose, .ART is actually specialized that indicates the affiliation with the art or the art community. Getting a .ART domain for your website is easy and quick where all you need to do is request your domain registrar once. 

I bet you’ve heard a lot about more popular and mostly used domain name extensions such as .COM, .NET, or .ORG. However, just because they are popular does not mean they serve you for the purpose you are starting your online business.

There are hundreds of different domain name extensions available in the present days offered to you by several domain registrars. The specialized domain extensions have become more common these days.

If you want to stand out in the art community and be a part of the community where art is the main common ground then, hosting your website from .ART domain is a great choice. 

Dynadot – domain registrar 

Dynadot is an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) certified domain name registrar offering a number of different domain name extensions.

Dynadot is also a web host and is powered from is main headquarter located in San Mateo, California. There are also a number of custom-written software that they advertise as their primary focus offering stable, fast, and reliable to use. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Stable
  • Straightforward search
  • Easy purchase process
  • Transparent pricing
  • Affordable
  • Varieties of TLDs : .ART
  • Upsells


  • Number of complementary products
  • Unclear steps
  • Rocky management

Dynadot .Art domain

The Dynadot .ART domain has made its mission to advance the art community with the help of technology creating a global community of all art lovers. As with the use of domain extension .ART, there is never a need to explain your website because it is recognizable in all languages.

All the artists, institutions, art professionals, and creators can register to this domain and .ART domain extension marks the website as belonging to the world of art. 

.ART domain information


Introduced 2017
Usage Art Websites
Renewal Grace Period 40 days
Deletion Grace Period 4 days
Restore Period 30 days
Privacy Yes
IDN Supported
DNSSEC Supported
Type  Global 
Restrictions  None 
Registration price $12.99 per year
Renewal price $12.99 per year
Transfer price $12.99
Restore price $99.99

Key features

  • Free website builder
  • Free grace period deletion
  • Free domain parking
  • Free domain/stealth forwarding
  • Free DNS settings
  • Free ownership change

Coupon code – get more discount



The regular plan costs you $12.99 per year. You can renew the package for $12.99 per year and transfer it for $12.99 as well. 


The bulk plan costs you $11.99 per year to register with a renewable price of $11.99 and you can transfer it for $11.99 as well. 

Super bulk

On the other hand, the super bulk package costs you $11.75 per year for registration, renewable, and transfer as well. 

Affiliated coupon code

Dynadot offers the domain name extension at a very affordable price. Specialized domain extension has become more popular than usual, so choosing one for your website is probably a smart choice. 

However, you can play it smart by looking for coupon codes and discounts online as Dynadot has provided affiliation to several other websites who are working on spreading knowledge all around the world. The readers of this page are also given the opportunity to use different coupon codes providing you with amazing discounts. 

After visiting the Dynadot website, you can choose any plan you like. After the process is completed, you will be given an option to add a promo code to get your discounts. 

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Final verdict

Dynadot is a web host along with a domain name registrar which means you will probably use Dynadot more often if you are starting a new online business.

Choosing a domain name for your website is exciting if you ask me but nerve wracking as well. Although there are hundreds of different domain extensions with few of them the popular one, it is always smart to choose the one that represents your website the best. 

For websites working with any form of art, art institutions, online portfolio for artists, or anything even slightly related to art choosing the Dynadot .ART domain extension is absolutely the best idea.

Even with an amazing price range starting from $12.99 per year, you can use several coupon codes provided to you either by the Dynadot itself as well as from its affiliates. 

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